If you’re looking for workshops for your pupils that guarantee high challenge and engagement, Verity provides inspirational sessions in class, across the curriculum and through all text types / purposes to fit your context.

Topics can include:

Shakespeare to rap: Using Sonnet 18 as inspiration children develop their own high quality poetry. Once confident with this challenging poetic form learning is embedded with a leap to writing a rap – mastery in practice! KS2

Classical Poetry: dive into some classical poetry and learn about the differences between enjambment and anaphora. Great for developing subject knowledge, as well as creative writing.

Disposable or reusable: Scientific investigation following the pros and cons of nappy use. This rich task embeds science within social, cultural, economic, political and the environmental issues. KS2 and KS3

Marvellous animals: need help with information texts? Use these sessions to explore the weird and the wild, creating exciting writing based on exemplary models. Y2 – Y6

Using flashbacks as literary device: developing high level writing techniques based on short films. Engaging, entertaining and a great challenge for all. KS2

Tales of the Unexpected: preparing for extended writing can be daunting. These sessions combine fun, film and  discussion  of heritage texts to get high quality writing down. KS2

Film-making in the classroom: if you want to use your iPads in more interesting ways then why not let Verity show your pupils how to make films? KS2 and KS3

#Whomademyclothes: putting the social, political and economic back in to your geography lessons by developing strategies to research who made your clothes and see how the global network of trade can be found in your wardrobe (or on the bedroom floor!). KS2 – A Level.

If there is something you particular wish to develop, please contact Verity to discuss your individual needs – classroom and school sessions can be tailored to your specific context.